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Equilibrio Bids Farewell

It is with immense gratitude for my community that I am retiring the organizing project Equilibrio.  

To all of you who participated in any way, thank you for the support you have given in seeking justice, creating relationships and honoring our cultures.  We have done many great things together and I am sure we will do much more in the future. 

Equilibrio began in 2012 as an organizing project to fight against gentrification and unwanted development and to build political power and preserve culture for Indigenous people in Texas and beyond. All of the work was volunteer; we were never paid, raised money or took donations. I am proud to have been a part of so much organizing and to have learned from such amazing people.

Equilibrio collaborated with many individuals and organizations throughout our tenure. Together as a community of activists we fought against the Dos Republicas Coal mine in Eagle Pass, which is now closed.  We also sponsored a gathering of Indigenous Peoples of Texas in 2016 to strengthen our vision for our collective future.  We hosted the Peace and Dignity Journeys, sponsored Indigenous Peoples Day and fought against oil and gas corporations and corruption in politics.  I also personally wrote a number of essays offering a decolonial analysis of culture and current events. 

After serving nearly 20 years as an organizer, I am happy to retire to create space for others.  Iterations of the ideas I have shared over the years will emerge in new and creative ways.  I have decided to focus on writing and am working as a consultant.  Please contribute where you can to the people around you who share their passion, creativity and love.  I encourage each and every one of you to make a difference by standing up for what you believe in. 

Reach out to me directly if you ever need anything at all.  I’m still dedicated to my values, but instead of representing an organization, I will serve only as a member of this community.

Thank you all.

With love and respect




Ricardo Tane Ward Ramirez

[email protected]

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