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Equilibrio (Equilibrium) is a decolonial project designed to challenge the dominant colonial disempowerment of indigenous peoples.  It has been difficult to categorize this project because we do not accept the designation of social categories such as religion, economics or politics, but rather incorporate all facets of life into all of our actions. Therefore we are decolonial as we are holistic: we work to create an alternative social, political, economic, cultural, and religious network of land-based peoples.  We are dedicated to long-term goals – between 100 and 10,000 years in scope.

We have worked with indigenous peoples movements in both North and South America, and have recognized the diversity among peoples’ livelihoods and political situations.  Colonization is at work in different ways in different places, but many of the mechanisms intertwine to disempower peoples all over the world at the benefit of the industrial core nations in North America and Western Europe.

Decolonization is for everyone, not just indigenous peoples.  We recognize that different groups of people have different historical relationships with colonialism.  Instead of pinging on these differences as a basis for organizing, we seek to unify different groups through collective processes of healing.  Understanding how we are all implicated in the ongoing forms of exploitation in the world is a key aspect in shaping a response that refuses to reproduce divisions.

Who we are:

The Gonzalez/Ward/Nez family out of Austin, TX, Rockie, Anita, Emerson, Tane, and Estrella founded Equilibrio in 2014.  This project began years ago, however, with a longstanding activist commitment to protecting cultural territory of indigenous peoples and working against global, neoliberal, mega-project development.  We are committed to building a decolonial alliance.

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