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Joint Community Statement

Joint Community Statement                                                                                                  02/27/2015

PODER, Raza Roundtable, Resistencia, NAACP and Equilibrio

In response to the illegal demolition of Piñatas Jumpolín located at 4101 E. Cesar Chavez by the F&F Real Estate Ventures, owned by Darius Fisher and Jordan French.

On behalf of the owners of Pinatas Jumpolin, we call on the City of Austin to respond with condemnation and to treat this demolition as a criminal act, and to support the community affected by this racist and illegal act.

We call upon the City and APD to treat this as a criminal act and bring charges against F&F and any others who participated or facilitated this illegal demolition.

We further call upon the City Manager to instruct City staff to deny any outdoor music permit application at this location.

We recognize racism as a driving social force in Austin.   People of Color have been forcibly removed throughout Austin’s history and continue to be displaced from their longstanding cultural territory in East Austin. We recognize that the Black community in East Austin has suffered at even a greater rate of displacement than the Latino community, and ask that this recent history be remembered in future planning and development of our city. We ask People of Color to come together to better resist gentrification.

We ask the COA to support low-income, working class communities that are negatively affected through the process of gentrification. Build workforce housing with close proximity to services, including transportation. Invest in the public schools in East Austin. Support locally owned business, People of Color, immigrants and ESL communities. Respect our culture, our economy and our right to live well. Austin is ours too.

And we ask ALL residents of Austin to recognize this act, and these tactics, as connected to the larger pattern of gentrification that people of color have been experiencing for decades. This is not an isolated incident, but part of a familiar pattern, which has been used frequently to displace people-of-color owned businesses by new unscrupulous gentrifying interests.

We urge the people of Austin to come together to support those who have been victims of the violent and/or illegal displacement of their business, and all peoples who have lost their homes and neighborhoods to similar practices of development.

We call for a BOYCOTT of all F&F Real Estate Ventures, Darius Fisher, Jordan French and all related businesses for their blatantly racist violent actions and speech.

We welcome all those who come with respect to recreate and join our community on the East Side. To those who disrespect and trample the long-standing People of Color communities on the East Side – We will resist!

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