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Dr. Tane Ward offers a variety of specialty lectures,  and presentations. Customized versions are also available to suit your group or organization’s needs.

Building a Decolonial Project:Dr. Ward addresses the colonial legacy embeddedDr. Ward on the White Shaman Panel at Austin's Mexican American Cultural Center within political practices of solidarity and equality. We can make our political commitment stronger, our language clearer and our politics more just through understanding the complex relationship that people have with the land, their ancestors and the future.

International Solidarity:In this talk, Tane addresses the global issue of resource extraction and its effect on indigenous communities throughout the world. Beyond looking at the causes and problems associated with this phenomenon, Tane uses his experience of over ten years working with Native communities in protecting their lands, to build an alternative to exploitation.

Latin American Indigenous Cultures:In this talk, Dr. Ward combines his hands on experience working with indigenous communities to historical and cultural traditions of Native America. The connections between territories, cultures and peoples is an ongoing shifting landscape with much to learn about language, religion, land-use practice and cultural revitalization.


Rockie Gonzalez offers workshops and talks around decolonizing feminism and offers consulting for11058764_1007578942588981_1011013201603428146_n projects and organizations looking to shift direction from liberalism to justice-based, anti-racist frameworks.  Rockie also offers a variety of racial equity, community organizing, and leadership trainings. She is available to speak with expertise on reproductive rights and justice, racial equity and anti-racist politics, the spiritual aspects of birth and abortion, and the concept of spiritual activism and organizing.

Decoding Liberalism: Rockie offers talks on the language and impacts of liberalism on community organizing, movement building and other social justice-based work.

The Spirit of Abortion: As a reproductive justice activist, Rockie discusses the legacy of white feminism in the struggle for reproductive rights.

Birth is a Ceremony: As a doula, Rockie offers guidance and training for birth workers and anyone interested in learning how to transform birth from a medical procedure to a ritual experience.

Decolonizing Parenthood: Rockie discusses the effects of colonialism on our parenting. How and why do our children become who they are and how do we create a pathway for them that does not reproduce colonial society?

Half  and Half: Rockie offers a facilitated discussion on the “mixed” identity. She discusses the fracturing of our spirits by the classification of our mixed heritages.  This discussion can also include a healing ritual component.

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