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Native Texans Unite: March on the Mine

Native Texans Unite: March on the Mine

It was a great honor to organize and participate in the Native led Action Against Dos Republicas Coal mine on April 16th.  We thank everyone who participated and organized this alongside us, and honor all of the work that has been done in defense of this land in years past.  We, at Equilibrio, see this event as the beginning of what is to come.  Native peoples in Texas are coming together to protect their land and culture.  This is more than a political moment – this is a prayer.

Our ancestors need us; our forbearers even more.  We carry a responsibility in this lifetime to overrule the colonial society.  Our territory, and our relationship to it, is our own.  If not for genocide, the people of this land would never have submitted to the state process of colonization, which remains the dominant system today.  Nearly all land in Texas is held by settler-colonial elites and exploited through extraction of oil, gas and coal.  Meanwhile, our people are economically exploited through capitalism, and culturally dominated through state structures of education, military and law.  However, this system is on the verge of being superseded by our rising consciousness.  “We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

Through decolonial action we erode the structures of oppression.  We see another future is possible through reclaiming our land and our traditions.  We must change the way we live and relate to the Earth. This message hangs on lips throughout the world.  We are not alone in our decolonial work.  The Earth is directing her children to reclaim her.  Our moment to come together is directed by a higher consciousness – the Earth beneath our feet.  

The April 16th action was an expression of respect, compassion and unity among all of our people – this will continue.  We look to those who have maintained connection with their ancestral lifeways to guide us in our rediscovery.  We treat the wounded to heal in this movement.  We welcome the weak to gain strength in this movement.  We invite the ignorant to learn in this movement.  We come together now in a new way.  Like vultures we circle the decaying civilization of exploitation.  Like eagles we set our sights on the future; it rises before us.

Photos by Vanessa Ramos

Native nations people identify with from the march: Borrado, Carrizo-Comecrudo, Cherokee (Aniyunwiya), Chichimeca Jonaz, Chippewa, Chumash, Comanche (by proxy), Creek (Muscogee), Dine’, Hopi, Huasteca/Zapotec, Kickapoo,  Lipan Apache, Mescalero Apache, Mexia/Nahua, Mi-Wuk, Otumban, Pacuache Coahuiltecan, Pawnee, Pomo, Purepecha, Raramuri, Shi’sh N’de, Southern Cheyenne, Tap Pilam Coahuiltecan, Tarahumara, Tewa,  Tongva, Xicana/o, Yaqui, Yoeme

Partner Organizations: AIM (Central Texas/California/Colorado/New Mexico),  Alma de Mujer, ATX-Enviornmantal Justice, Carrizo-Commecrudo Tribe of Texas, Maverick CountyEnvironmental and Public Health Association, Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services, Sierra Club, Equilibrio

Solidarity organizations: Native Women’s Network, Shield the People, Black Mesa Indigenous Support, PODER


Timeline of organizing Native Led Action 

August 2015: USACE Meeting in Eagle Pass


November 2015: Strategy Meeting


February 2016: Natives of Texas Planning meeting

Texas Natives Against Coal Mining

April 2016: March on the mine


Stay tuned for next steps.

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