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Territory Protection

Equilibrio works with communities who are resisting unwanted development projects on their lands such as mines, dams, ports and roads.  We seek to decolonize the environmental movement’s assessment of the effects of such industrial production by re-centering connection to the land as an alternative way of living, instead of just conservation through putting limits on our already excessive patterns of consumption.

We work in the legal, and political realm looking for ways to resist development projects.  We also insist on doing organizing and spiritual work in order to establish a base of people who are working to re-establish their connections with the Earth.

Equilibrio community organizing Project

Equilibrio is committed to contributing to the protection of cultural territory.  For this reason we honor the urban cultural spaces that exist and are threatened by gentrification.  Access to housing is more than just a personal issue – it faces communities and weakens their integrity as tied to land.  Equilibrio seeks to mitigate the effects of capitalism on poor urban people and educates peoples about the potential to see their struggles form a perspective of cultural territory.

Undoing Racism and Decolonial Politics

Colonialism has left a legacy of racism through promoting the myth of White Supremacy throughout the world.  Part of the task of building decolonial politics is recognizing the effects of racism in creating unequal systems of oppression.  While we are primarily focused with the well-being of Native communities, we understand that the wellbeing of all subjugated peoples is the only way to liberate our people. We work with collective Undoing Racism Austin and the Peoples Institute for Survival and Beyond on issues of race and racism.

Sacred Sites Protection

There are an abundance of natural and human-made sacred sites in Texas that are not protected from destruction or even recognized.  Equilibrio seeks to help protect these places and re-introduce them into the cultures in Texas and their ongoing production.  Much knowledge about the past and the future is written into the land.  We seek to use this knowledge as educational material that will connect people to the land.


Internships with Equilibrio will focus on research and community organizing in Austin and South Texas.  Interns will work closely with Equibrio Executive Director Dr. Tane Ward, and experienced field organizer, who will help to develop skills in research and community organizing.

Research and organizing topics include, but are not limited to: Land and water use, Mining, Gentrification, Anti-racist organizing, Native American legal and political rights, and community organizing.


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