What is a decolonial consultation?

We offer a variety of consultation and training services. We are best suited to work with organizations that are interested in evaluating practices, organizational  culture, structure, and programs to identify paths to equity and shift away from liberalism to justice-based frameworks.

Justice Audit- Evaluation of your organizations programs, structures, and procedures  against justice principles to help create a pathway to equitable practices.

Click here learn more about consultations and the Justice Audit

Trainings & Workshops We offer  trainings and workshops based on  your group’s needs with expertise in racial equity, racial justice, facilitation, decolonial political education & development, land based struggles, resource extraction, reproductive justice, environmental justice, spiritual activism, gender equity, gentrification, culture production, decolonial feminism, decolonial community organizing, project strategizing and leadership development. Ask us about custom trainings.

Project Development:  We will help to develop your new or start up project and offer strategy sessions to create a timeline map of your project’s goals.

Lectures and Presentations





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