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Indigenous Prayer Candles

Designed by Equilibrio


This project directed by Equilibrio looks to reintroduce indigenous imagery into revivalist indigenous practices.  These prayer candles use images from the sacred tonalmatl (almanac) of Tlaxcala, the Tonalmatl of the Pochtecas or as it is known in the West the Codex Ferrajaver-Mayer.   We have chosen to begin our candle project with five of the principal feminine deities of the Mexica pantheon because we understand our revival to be rooted in matriarchy.  We soon hope to produce a set of twenty candles along with instructions for use.


The readings of the tonalmatl were done by Tane Ward, a descendant of Nahuatl speaking Tlaxcalans from the region where the tonalmatl was produced. Insights have been taken from study of existing sources, academic collaboration, daily ritual use of the sacred calendar, ceremony, and consultation with indigenous elders.


The images have been digitally restored from printed copies by Rockie Gonzalez.

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