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Temet-Somis: The people under the coal

Juan Macias,  Carrizo/Comecrudo Nation Tribal Chairman

In those beginning days, Creator Yauna’k Akio would come occasionally to check on how things were developing and find order for the creation.  The order creator put together was harmonious and followed a pattern of growing and reproducing, creation would continue as Creator planned it.  Creator gave the two legged the responsibility to live in this harmonious rhythmic accordance of a life cycle.  Some of the two legged enjoyed this so well that they insisted in staying after Creator had provided the opportunity to travel to the River of the Stars (Milky Way which place of the ancestors.).  Those spirits that refused to go were accumulating in the Creation and cause disorder and havoc by playing tricks on the climate and on other creatures of land.  Some say that they caused the extinctions of Horse, Mammoths, some of the bears that kept the creation in order at the time.  The two legged would congregate In place that gave the wind sound and the lightning the surge to explode.  So creator led these lost souls , called Teme’t Somi’ s  meaning twisted beings to the caverns that were no longer used by the two legged .   Using these places gave the Teme’t Somi’s a sense of being at home.  Creator called the wind that now had sound to sing the song calling the Teme’t Somi’s to come to a banquet and when the fire was built by the bird people who provided Xai or wood called the Woyekue’l people or rock people to cover these Teme’t  Somi’s to keep in the place as the fire burned the rocks got hotter and meld in to one large hot topping. The creator continued bring wood for the fire and as it got hotter the birds like the vulture got to close and burned the beautiful feathers it once had from their heads.  Creator called birds that flew through the blacken smoke that brought the water to cool down the heated rocks Xam yatau or Crows and black birds.  As the water was poured upon the fires where these Teme’t Somi’s had been led to the rock now burnt became coal and subjugated those that would bring twisted mayhem to the creation at bay.   Yauna’k Akio become Patop’e, the Caretaker when the creator has business on the Earth to solve; and every time Creator leaves of part of Creator to remind us that the Creation is something beautiful and necessary for our people here.  Releasing those things Creator has created is to be against the creation as the Teme’t Somi’s were.

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