We founded Equilibrio in 2012 with the desire to root our community organizing in decolonial, spiritual knowledge. This project began years ago, however, with a longstanding activist commitment to protecting cultural territory of indigenous peoples and working against global, neoliberal, mega-project development.  We are committed to building a decolonial alliance. This board works closely together in community organizing, prayer and education.


Dr. Tane Ward

Tane Ward Ph.D. – Camaxtleca-Xicano, has over fifteen years experience working with Native communities to help protect their lands and preserve their sovereignty in resistance to the capitalist state.  He is a longtime activist and community organizer in Austin Texas, where he lives with his duality and their high school senior. Tane completed his Social Anthropology PhD in 2014 with a focus on Native American and Indigenous Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. He completed his Masters degree in Social Anthropology in 2009 and his Bachelors in Latin American Studies in 2007.

Tane is a practitioner of Danza Azteca and Native American Church traditions. He is a leader in his community and is a keeper and teacher of mythology. Tane offers mentorship and training for local organizers interested in the intersection of social issues + spiritual practice that rejects liberalism, new-ageism, and Native appropriation  and instead fosters connection with the spirit of the land and its inhabitants.

Tane is also a movement organizer working in the Gulf South of the US. He is Senior Organizing Manager at the Sierra Club, managing organizers throughout Texas and Louisiana.


headshotrgRockie Gonzalez (she/her) is an indigenous Xicana from the Rio Grande Valley on the Texas-Mexico border living in Austin, TX. She is a practitioner of Danza Azteca and Native American Church traditions.  Rockie dedicates her professional time to abortion access and reproductive justice work on an international scale.  She is the Organizing Manager for the National Network of Abortion Funds as well as co-founder and chair of the board of the Frontera Fund, an abortion fund serving the Rio Grande Valley.  Rockie is also a facilitator with the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond and works to advance the Undoing Racism™ analysis across the country. She serves her community as an organizer, trainer, consultant, mentor and healer. Her approach and direction are driven by an intersectional feminist lens with a strong focus on anti-racist organizing principles and a decolonial vision rooted in respect for the land and the spiritual practice of her ancestors.



Anita Gonzales-Nez (She/her) holds a BA in Communication with a focus on Health Communication from Texas State University and is the first member of her family to earn a college degree. Born to Mexican Clan People, Anita is a proud mother of one and grandmother of two. Anita is co-founder of Native American Church chapter Azee Bee Nahagha’ Tejaztlan and serves her community as a spiritual guide, water woman and healer. Anita says “I pray that I can always be like a child and acknowledge that I do not know everything and always remain  eager to learn more.”




33101831_1019648138210851_7371154853445238784_oEmerson Nez is Diné, Navajo born in Tuba City, Navajo reservation in Arizona. Emerson was born to Roadman Eddie Nez and mother Bessie Nez, a traditional Navajo rug maker. Emerson is skilled in many trades but  his  life work is to carry on prayer traditions of Native and Indigenous people through the Native American Church and the use of our sacred Medicine. Emerson serves his community as an Elder and keeper of the Native American Church traditions. He is a healer and medicine man. “I have made peace with myself and always remember what I was taught by those who came before me, I have hope to help teach those who have forgotten.



Alberto Mejia holds a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Washington, and a BA in American Cultural Studies and Political Science from Fairhaven College. Alberto is the Sr. Director of Creative Action’s community based programs, focusing on innovative engagement of the public at large, including teen arts education. Previously, he served as manager of Dougherty Arts Center, Executive Director of the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in Seattle, WA, Youth and Community Engagement Manager for the EMP Museum and as a site manager with Communities in Schools. He is also an alumnus of the National Association of Latin@ Arts and Culture leadership and advocacy institute and active in cultural policy issues and dialogue. Alberto is an artist in the hip-hop genre and devotes time to the practice of indigenous cultural tradition, community building and ceremonial running & dance.


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